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Video Telepresence

Video Telepresence

Professional High Definition Video Conferencing

With Vu TelePresence you can experience the richness of face to face physical meetings with eye contact, life like image quality in Full High Definition. distortion free sound and the ease of use of a simple Instant messenger-like user interface.

Vu TelePresence offers HD video quality {1080p and 720p options). support for dual displays. screen sharing. recording of meetings and 4+ 1 way multi-party conferencing.

To make it easy for companies to make video calling between organizations a reality across disparate systems. It is vital that businesses choose video conferencing equipment that adheres to global telecommunications standards. Vu TelePresenc:e adheres to industry standard protocols that make it easy to work with legacy third party systems thus protecting your investments in video conferencing technology.

Vu Telepresence can be deployed both on the Internet for easy calling between organizations as well as deployed on internal private company networks for internal collaboration needs.

  • System components: Vu Codec. PTZ Camera (720p or 1080p) with Remote control, Microphone, Speaker Bar (optional), Wireless Keyboard and built-in trackpad, Power supply cable, HDMI Cable, VGA Cable
  • Communications: H.323.XMPP. SIP.512 kbps to2 mbps (point to point),1xRJ45 Network. LAN (10/100 mbps)
  • Support for Multiple Displays: Supports two displays: Primary display via HDMI and secondary display via VGA (cables included}
  • Camera Options: 720p HD Camera - 3.6 X Zoom, Pan-Tilt, IR Remote control. Auto-Focus, Wide Angle lens 1080p Full HD Camara -10 X Zoom, Pan-Tilt,IR Remote control, Auto-Focus, Wide Angle lens
  • Video Specifications and Standards: Maximum 16:9 Aspect Ratio, Progressive scanning, All resolutions at 30 frames per second {fps} H.264 Video Codec (Baseline profile and High profile implementations)
  • Audio Specifications and Standards: HD Audio, Full Duplex, Echo cancellation, Automatic gain control, Automatic ambient noise reduction. G.711 and G.n2 Audio codec. USB based Microphone with 7 Feet pick.-up range, Mute Button
  • Embedded Multi-party Conferencing Unit (MCU): Full HO multi-partyconferencing unit with up to 5 participants. Peer-to-peer based multi-party conferencing with independent AIV channels with each participants. No single point of aggregation or failure model
  • Security: Password access for Settings, AES 128-bit encryption of A/V traffic between participating Vu units
  • Directory and Address Book: Upto 1000 local directory entries. Easy search and add contacts feature
  • CodecDimensions: Depth: 15" 1 Width:14.5" 1 Height: 6"
  • Screen Sharing: Software based screen sharing. Supported OS: Microsoft Windows XP. Vista and Windows 7 and 512 kbps bandwidth. Can work in internal or Internet modes.