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Network design

Network Design

Design and Engineering

Constant and rapid changes in technology are inevitable. At ASC, our design engineers work hard to develop cost effective networking solutions that ensure optimal performance for your network today, and allow for the growth and integration of new technologies tomorrow.

From small offices to a large network with multiple locations, we have the expertise and experience to design a network that meets your business objectives. After understanding your business and IT needs, we begin to design a solution that is efficient and also scalable for future growth. Our network design services include the following:

LAN/WAN design & implementation - Our Cisco certified engineers have experience configuring, installing and troubleshooting the latest routers, switches, firewalls, and other specialized hardware. We can design and implement a powerful, secure, and scalable network.

Server infrastructure design, implementation, and migration - Our engineers will design and implement Server solutions using the latest virtualization and migration strategies to reduce operating costs and consolidate your server environment.

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