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Hosted Exchange

Hosted Exchange

Email, collaboration and scheduling tools have become critical factors to the success of any business. Unfortunately, small and mid-size businesses (SMBs) often lack a large IT budget or in-house team to implement and maintain the sophisticated messaging software they need. Yet SMBs need this critical toolset in order to succeed in the marketplace.

Microsoft Exchange Server is used by the majority of large corporations for their email, calendars, contacts and files. The Exchange server powers the full collaboration functions of Microsoft Outlook, such as group calendars, contacts and file-sharing. We provide the latest version of this as a hosted service.

SMBs can subscribe to this on-demand service for a low monthly fee instead of paying tens of thousands of dollars upfront for expensive servers and software licenses, hiring specialist IT staff to install and maintain the system and being responsible for a 24x7 infrastructure. We let you focus on your core business.

Hosted Microsoft Exchange means that we provide all hardware and software, then run and maintain it for you in a tier-4 datacenter. You pay a low monthly fee, and can access your email using Outlook or Entourage on your desktop, Outlook Web Access (OWA) in any Web browser, or wirelessly from a device like the BlackBerry, Windows mobile device or Treo.

What is included with hosted Exchange?


Hosted Exchange
from ASC Networks

In-house Exchange
and IT staff

Software licenses

Enterprise-grade hardware

24x7 support


Uptime guarantee

Tier-4 datacenter with redundant power, cooling and network connections

Regular backup


Anti-virus, anti-spam


Wireless options

Seperate licenses
and servers needed