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Hosted Exchange Add-On Solutions

Hosted Exchange Add-On Solutions

One huge benefit of hosted Exchange is the range of simple and cost-effective add-on services. Where companies with in-house Exchange face huge IT management complications, hosted Exchange makes these headaches disappear.


Running a BlackBerry Enterprise Server is difficult and expensive – so leave it to the experts. Our hosted Exchange includes an instant BlackBerry option, where you pay a low monthly fee and we handle everything, so it just works. You get BlackBerry service fully integrated with your company’s Exchange email, with zero management or upfront costs required.

Good Mobile Messaging

Good Mobile Messaging service gives your staff constantly-synced anytime access to their email and other Exchange data. They can choose from all of the latest wireless devices such as the Treo, Motorola Q, BlackJack, Nokia E62 and many others.


Hosted ActiveSync service gives your staff instant, anywhere access to their email from any Windows Mobile device, including the latest Treos, Motorola Q, Dash, BlackJack and many other smartphones. ActiveSync’s instant push technology keeps your employees’ devices constantly synced and updated with the latest email, calendar and contact data.


As well as the full anti-virus included with hosted Exchange, our optional anti-spam feature will shield your employees from almost all spam email – and make them more productive. Monitored and updated 24x7, it is an enormous advantage over running an in-house Exchange server.


With our fully-managed hosted Exchange service, there is no need for complex hardware upgrades and downtime. As your company mailboxes grow larger in size, you can add extra capacity instantly for a low monthly fee.

Additional Disk Space

We offer the ability to ‘turn on’ archiving instantly. You can choose either basic archiving, which simply keeps a mirrored copy of your data, or advanced archiving, which keeps an offsite copy of all data and ensures the archive is compliant with major financial, healthcare and other regulations.

Company disclaimer

As legal and compliance risks grow, Company Disclaimer is an effective way to help you enforce a company-wide email policy. Company Disclaimer allows you to add HTML or text disclaimers automatically to all of your company's email messages, providing an effective way to communicate legal information, provide a warning to unknown or unverified email senders or other important messages.


DirectoryLink provides an integration solution for businesses that need to maintain some on-premise applications in addition to their hosted services.

DirectoryLink leverages your existing on-premise Microsoft Active Directory infrastructure to ensure user attributes are synchronized across all applications. This enables your users to use a single username and password combination across all their applications, plus ensures synchronization of user- or admin-driven password changes.